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thinking our own business is the most important is usual April 28, 2011

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luckily i’m a college student from two different college n take two different subjects…like sun n moon..being miss busy is usual….n now i get what my mom talked about…responsibility of my choice is just being a lil part from life learning…for this day i totally realize that subconsiously we (esspecially me) feel that what our business is the most important thing to listend, do, and think…but have i ever know that what other people said were important too? . people always say that they didnt mean what they thought and talked was an important thing to heard by people n it was just for our or your goodness. is that true ? this morning i was in ‘rather’ neutral position,,,so this is the story..it’s began when i presented in my Transport Phenomena class (in engineering college) this morning..

mr A : okey, if u dont have any question, u can go home earlier ‘coz i have an important business to do now, n dont forget to join this class tomorrow as class subtiter, execpt u have another class.

me : umm….i’m so sorry mr, i have an examination in my other college tomorrow..really sorry..n i wanna say that next week i couldn’t join this class ‘cz i ll have an exam too, n then two weeks later i have photography exam too so may be i’ll be late to join this class..

mr A : how long your examination will be held in there (in social college, i take communication science as my subject) ? in 3 weeks ?

me : no, two weeks, since this week ’til next week. but my photography lecture  said that taking picture needs fresh thought so we ll do the exam after other examinations’s done.

mr A : actually, it is illegal to do, ‘coz examination has scheduled by your other college except that lesson is so important. but for you, i can give u an execption. (insincerely, i saw it on his face).

me : i’m so sorry mr, ‘cz cant do anything, just come n finish that exam, i dont mean to underestimate you so couldnt join your class next week n will be late at your two weeks later. i have no choice.

mr A : okey, nevermind.

from this i knew… i have my own business which i think it’s the most important thing, my lecturer – mr A has his own business which wants to be appreciated by me, but my photography lecturer has his own business too. rather neutral for me ‘coz both lessons are important. n my lecturers think that their own lesson are important….as comparator…yesterday i said to my economical engineering (cald him mr B) that i couldnt join your class this friday, ‘coz i have an examination at the same time in my other college…guess…what he said….’okey, sure, u can. will u miss your examination just for presenting my class ?’ he said this with smile truly. god…damn!what a kind people he is….(for mr B)….’coz he allowed me truly n give me chance to do something which i think important for my future without saying that his lesson is important that other…’coz every people has their own business which they think important, ‘coz important or no is personal… just give freedom to other people…..they have chance to do for their goodness. understand each other is the most important thing than our own business and our own business is important but not the most important thing so make us force it ‘cz it can touch other people’s business.


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