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bromolicious April 28, 2011

Filed under: My Vacation experiences :) — gorgeousputrilicious @ 4:50 am

when i arrived at Bromo area…i couldnt say anything (in hyperbolic *hahaha), one word….colorful!! God, i guess Your days are beautiful so You draw this world very well….

i went to Bromo mountain once n with my family, at last january. i was so happy, ‘coz i like something cold..we went there from Gresik (city where i live) at morning after had breakfast. we arrived there at evening….n in tired condition so we preferred to stay in hotel..for information, so difficult to find space in hotels, no empty room which they have…believe me…moreover if u chose hotels nearby the mountain…n chose sunrise trip from hotel option, more trusted,,,u should pay about $50 for the trip….this price for indonesian, i dont know for foreign tourists…

what a cold night…cold floor, cold temperature, cold water, everything is cold….went to sleep earlier ‘cz we would have a nice trip tomorrow….Yep…went to top of the mountain n see the sunrise.we use hard top car to reach there. we went there at 4 a.m. absolutely u can imagine how dark it is….couldnt see anything. we arrived parking area n had to walk for reach the real top..so so so cold…mist is everywhere… but it wouldnt decrease my ambition to enjoy the sunrise..so i walked to the top of the top with my lil sister…i just knew that there were fullfilled by people ’till no space (the lesson is go earlier at next visit). we were waiting for the sunrise together…n wouuuw…..cool…!! (i hope u can imagine what i feel from this pics which i’ve taken…heehehehe)


gold moment of sunrise

warm situation cold condition

warm situation cold condition

after watched the sunrise…back to parking area…met with many edelweiss seller..i didnt buy ‘cz they had an expensive price for a flower.hahahaha…..next destination is bromo’s mouth….n i was shocked…’cz the way that we had passed when we went to see sunrise was so dangerous…nice broken asphalt n for one way…i think the driver was an expert already so he could drive the car well, n i think he could drive the car with closed eyes too….(may be…heehhehe).

arrived at cauldron parking car area…n we should walk (again) to the top or riding horse…n i choose riding horse..nice, scary, but wanna try it again…what a hard field to pass..oh yeah, u got to pay abot $5 to use the horse ’till stairway to cauldron. many steps….n really – really arrived at the top, saw cauldron…feeling close to the sky….wanna touch the white cloud…save it to my pocket…

sky n cauldron

sky n cauldron

and this is me…..

this is me after see the cauldron

this is me after see the cauldron


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